Creative Website Menu Designs and Best Practices

There are some very creative website menu designs and also great practices. Site usability needs to be one of the top things that you consider when you are building a website or maintaining one. If your site is a hard one to use, people will not be encouraged to use it. People will not want to come back to it either. Having good usability on your site also helps you out a lot when it comes to SEO.

Key Takeaways:

A menu design is optimal for online where space and content are often premium to usability.

Make sure it is easy to navigate. It shouldn't take more than three clicks for someone to get to where they want.

Make sure it is easy to use. Minimal buttons and slides make it intuitional.

“Hamburger website menu design is most prevalent when it comes to mobile website design, as developers are tasked with creating usable navigation in very small spaces.”

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