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22 Effective Ways To Get Email Subscribers Every Day! Strategic Websites Philadelphia, PA

One of the most important assets any local business can have is an email list.

Why is it so important?

Front of mind awareness and communication.

People, your customers, and prospective customers are busy. Staying in front of them in their email inboxes is one of the best ways and opportunities to communicate, inform, educate, entertain and delight them!

Gone are the days of hope marketing that relies solely upon potential online and offline-foot traffic.

If you have an email list, great! You should be communicating with your list regularly! And if you don’t have an email list, it’s time to get started building it!

How do you tackle the overwhelming task of getting email subscribers?

Today, I’m sharing 22 effective ways to turbocharge your email list!

First things first, if you want to begin a relationship with a new audience you need to give a ton of value.

One of the best ways to do this is to create an incredibly valuable opt-in freebie that helps your audience experience a transformation or achieve a specific outcome.

This ‘opt-in freebie’ is called a ‘lead magnet’.

To get people on your email list, you offer this lead magnet to entice them to ‘get’ the thing you’re offering in exchange for their email address! Make sense?

It doesn’t stop there, I just wanted to help you understand the mechanism for building your email list asset. You should likely then continue to develop the relationship with those who get on your list by providing continued value in the form of providing information, education, entertainment, and offers that will enhance their lives!

1. Schedule daily posts on social media to promote your freebie!

You’d think that this is a no-brainer, yet a lot of us fail to do this on a consistent basis. As a rule of thumb, you want to spend 20% of your time creating content and 80% of your time promoting it.

This is because when you promote something one time, not everyone is going to see it. Often, we assume that everyone has already seen our post, so we don’t want to bother people by promoting something multiple times. In reality, the ‘feeds’ are a continuous stream of information. There’s a ton of it and frequency/recency plays a big role in discovery.

However, the truth is that only a small group of people are going to see the things you post based on whether they’re checking their social media accounts. That’s why you want to promote your freebies and blogs multiple times a week, so you’re growing your audience as much as possible.

Once you’ve got your opt-in freebie (lead magnet), you want to add it to a landing page or attach it as a content upgrade in a blog post. A landing page is a ‘distraction-free’ page where you promote your lead magnet in exchange for an email address!

2. Create a Bunch of Pinterest Graphics for every blog post,  article, or lead magnet you publish

Did you know that Pinterest loves fresh content? That’s why I recommend that you create a number of templates for each blog post, article, or landing page that promotes your lead magnet so that you’re posting fresh content to Pinterest.

To do this, create your Pinterest templates in Canva. Then, create one description for all of the 3 templates. Every time you publish a new blog post, article, or landing page that promotes your lead magnet, you’ll have a source to help you get new email subscribers from a platform that has a ton of daily active users!

3. Add an incentivizing call to action on your Pinterest Posts!

It’s one thing to publish regularly to Pinterest its another to be methodical with those posts! Adding an incentive call to action to your graphics will likely encourage more clicks through to your published articles, blog posts or landing pages that promote your lead magnets!

4. Add promotion of your freebie or lead magnet into your social profiles

It makes sense to add a way for your connections and would-be followers to get access to your freebie or lead magnet through your social bio’s on all of the major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest! Using a great Call To Action might just do the trick to get more opt-ins!

5. Link your freebie to your Pinterest Boards

When organizing your content on Pinterest, you’ll want to create up to 10-15 boards so that your dream customer discovers your content. Once you’ve created a board and named it “client attraction” or “branding” you’ll need to create a description. You can also include a link to your article, blog post or landing page that promotes your opt-in lead magnet.

6. YouTube

If you use YouTube to grow your audience, you can create a ‘how-to’ tutorial and create a call to action for people to sign up to your email list.

People love videos. A simple and easy way to endear an audience to you and your business is with video. Simply state how to get access to your lead magnet in your videos and how to access the link to get it in your descriptions!

7. Facebook Live

One of the easiest things you can do is leverage Facebook Live. You may not have an audience at first, but start Going Live on Facebook. Inform, Educate and Entertain! Teach your would-be audience something of value, how to do something, or a peek behind the scenes at your business.

Let them get to know you!

And of course, make sure you have a call to action that leads to an article, blog post, or landing page that promotes your lead magnet

8. Start A Podcast

This one is a little more of a long game and somewhat technical but could deliver a ton of new email subscribers to you!

People love and consume Podcasts. And it is super easy to be somewhat promotional in your audio or video podcasts.

Studies have shown that podcast listeners are also affluent. That is a good thing to know and if you can bring a new flavor and deliver value with your podcast, the opportunity to get email subscribers is quite good!

9. Be a Guest On A Podcast

Naturally, hosting your own podcast takes a little work. But the dividends from running one are quite attractive.

If we hold this to be true, the opportunity to expand your reach with other’s audiences makes sense.

Here’s the thing, Podcasters are often looking for guests for their shows. Reaching out to Podcast Hosts is pretty simple, and more often than not, you can probably get scheduled if it's a right fit!

10. Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to grow your email subscribers. It’s probably one of the strategies that I suggest to my clients the most because it can bring thousands of subscribers quickly!

There are many ways to execute a giveaway, but whatever way you decide to do it, make certain to leverage an email opt-in for obvious reasons!

If you need help with this idea, we would be elated to help you execute one for your business!

11. Host a webinar 

Webinars are a great way to grow your email list.

A webinar is typically an online workshop or an opportunity to deliver an educational, informative, or entertaining presentation. Attendees and your audience also have a chance to ask questions on your topic.

So, create a webinar on a topic that your audience would like to learn more about and promote it to start collecting email addresses.

12. Facebook Ads

One of the fastest ways to get more email subscribers is by leveraging Facebook Ads.

With Facebook ads, you can target your dream customer and if your messaging is right, you’ll see results quickly with gathering email subscribers. But make sure you know what you’re doing before you get started or test to make sure you get the optimal results from your campaign’s objectives.

13. Get Email Subscribers with Your Website!

People spend a tremendous amount of time, effort, energy and money to get people to come to their websites. If a visitor comes to your website and leaves without becoming a new lead or transactional customer, it’s a wasted opportunity!

You might never get another chance to get that visitor to come back to your website.

How tragic would that be?

The job of your website is to get an email address or get them to buy something from you!

Fortunately, the next few ideas are ways to help you do just that!

14. Create Pop-Ups On Your Website!

I know that you might think pop-ups are annoying but they work!

Experiment with different pop-ups on your site and see which ones create the most conversions.

15. The Rule of 7

Have you heard of the rule of seven? What that means is people need to see something seven times before they take action. That means your website visitors

That’s why it makes sense to include and promote your opt-in opportunity at least SEVEN times on your site if you want to explode your email subscribers.

Include your opt-in on:

  • Your About Page!
  • Welcome Mat
  • Carousel Slides (if you have that feature)
  • Free resources pages
  • Above the fold
  • Below the fold
  • Start of a Blog Post
  • Middle of your Blog Posts
  • End of your Blog Posts
  • Sidebar (if you have one)
  • Exit Pops

16. Create a Landing Page

If you want to pump up your email list, you’ll need a landing page to promote your opt-in for your lead magnet. A landing page is a distraction-free website page that invites people to fill in their name and email address to receive your opt-in freebie (lead magnet)

There are a number of software tools available to help create these or you can create one within your existing website CMS.

17. Don’t forget Share Buttons!

Once you’ve created your lead magnet (it could be a Free report, a Discount Code / Coupon, White Paper, Newsletter…) it's a great idea to include ’Share Buttons’ on your ’thank you’ page. Adding a share button to the ‘thank-you’ page that one lands on after they opt-in for your lead magnet, it a great way to leverage your newfound audience to share your offer with their friends, families, and others on social!

18. Creating Quizzes

People love taking quizzes! Invite people to take a quiz and only share the results with them when they give you your email address. The quiz should be content that is related to your industry. With a little creativity, almost any local business can build an email list with content that revolves around your locale or industry!

19. Guest Blogging or Content Publishing

Find popular or related blogs that your ideal customers follow and create an author byline with a call to action in it. Your offer might enhance other’s websites and allow you to tap into their traffic or audiences by adding value to their community first!

20. Host a Challenge!

Challenges are great ways to get more email subscribers on your email list because of the value that you’re giving upfront. People love challenges because they’re entertaining and could be rewarding! You can create a challenge for a specific number of days, and ask participants to give you their name and email address to enter.

21. Answer questions on Quora

Quora is an excellent way to get to know your audience on a deeper level by answering their most common questions. If you are an industry expert, you can add a lot of value to an audience seeking answers to common or not-so-common questions!

Simply go to the search bar and find your niche by using keywords or categories. Answer a question in your niche and instead of linking to your website, link to a landing page.

22. Create a Free Mini-Course

Creating a free course related to your industry or business is one of the best ways to get more email subscribers on a consistent basis. The reason why they’re so effective is that they have high-perceived (and actual) value.

The key to a free course is to create something that helps your dream customer have a transformational experience or help them achieve an actual and specific outcome.

So, think about what problem people are struggling with the most and break it down into 7 mini-lessons. Send them one lesson a day over a period of 7 days and if you’ve got a low-risk offer you can pitch it at the end. (See what I did there with the 7?)…Rule of 7


That was a lot!

Yes, what I just shared can be overwhelming but every single one of these ways is super effective to help you add new email subscribers to your list!

Your list is a real asset and one that could help you generate real business revenue!

If you need help implementing any or all of these into your business, we would be delighted to help!

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