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Evernote – the app that makes you want to take notes!

Let's face it – most of us have so much going on in our everyday lives, that we could use a really good note-taking system. Whether it's a to-do list for work or a grocery list for home, Evernote should be your go-to.  The app is designed to keep you organized on your own terms, allowing you to select what works best for you.

The main reasons we think you need to look into Evernote:

The app allows you to organize (or not) in your own way. You can set up spaces for your notetaking that involve your professional team, or don't. You choose. You can also send somebody your notes even if they don't have Evernote!

Integratable with your everyday apps. Evernote functions with Slack, Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and so many more. This is major because it makes your note-taking as easy as possible. You don't have to go searching for your notes when your ‘slacking' a co-worker, it'll be right there.

A lot of times when an app is designed, it's designed to function best as an app. Not Evernote. You can access Evernote as a web browser if you wish to do so, and it will have all the same templates, features, and functions. This is great because sometimes either your device doesn't have that storage space for another app, or it may be easier for you to access your notes via a web browser.

You can search for notes based on keywords. For example, if you met with our team about website maintenance plans, you can search “website maintenance” to help you find the notes you took while in the meeting. To be honest, we use this feature all the time! There are so many instances when we remember where we were when something was said, but we can't remember where we wrote it down.

The amazing scan feature – documents, business cards, contracts! This allows you to scan documents right to your app, as you get them into your hands. Good for not losing important papers, and even better for the environment!

Evernote really makes your day more efficient and we encourage you to check it out. There are basic plans that are free, and then there are other plans for a small monthly fee. You can't put a price on efficient organization! Sign up for Evernote.

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