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This week’s highlight: Hawktown Student Housing Lehigh

It's time to take a walk down memory lane.

You're in college, walking around the area where it seems like everyone is. The “it” spot. Restaurants, coffee shops, bars, your friend's houses – all right there. You're dreaming of the day when you, too, can live right in the middle of it all.

Hawktown Student Housing Lehigh literally provides you with the keys to this dream while attending Lehigh University – at a fraction of on-campus housing prices. In the beautiful Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Hawktown Student Housing Lehigh offers comfortable properties at an affordable cost – for Lehigh University students. We all know how slim those budgets can be when you're in college!

The individual properties are fully furnished, at no additional cost to you.  How awesome would it be to NOT have to worry about getting furniture when you're a busy student?! There's also the choice to rent one of the newly renovated units, with an updated kitchen and bathroom(s). All of this, with the heart of your social life right there. The hottest dining spots of the city in your backyard. You just can't go wrong.

In addition to owning great properties, our client, Mike Schonberger, owner of Hawktown Student Housing Lehigh, is professional, reliable, and accommodating. Mike has been serving students from Lehigh University for over 25 years and offers 24-hour emergency maintenance service (a renter's dream), convenient payment options, online service events and resident events.

Comfort. Fun. Convenience. All a lease away.

Well… this post just made us miss college!


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