Hide Root Access in Android Phones

How To Hide Root Access From Apps On Android Device

Many of the apps you put on your phone seem harmless but can actually access things you don't want them to. This shows you how you can prevent this so you can still use the apps but without the worry. You don't want most apps to see the info on your phone other than that which pertains directly to the app. It's good that you can block it. This is specific to Android apps. Other phones would have their own directions.

Key Takeaways:

Explains what root accessing is, and how to access/ hide it on an android phone.

Provides two detailed ways to hide root access on an android phone and instructions on how to do it.

Although there are benefits, people who hide root access on their phones can loose the warranty they carry.

“In such cases, Android users using a rooted Android phone look for a way to hide the Root access from such apps as unrooting and rooting is a tiring work.”
So, If you are also in such a condition, and are looking for a way to hide root access from certain apps, we have a perfect solution for you.”

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