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Locked Out of Your Android Device? Here’s What You Can Do

Android device owners might be interested in reading a recently published guide on what to do if the device is locked. If the device has older software, such as Android 4.4, the user can simply use the forgot password button. However, newer software (Lollipop) canceled this option. In this case the user can do a factory reset, either using a pc, or using the phone in a recovery mode. The problem with this action is all data will be lost. The writer recommends backing up phones.

Key Takeaways:

Getting locked out of your Android device can be a frustrating experience, but taking a few easy steps can solve the problem.

You can unlock your phone by using the forget password/pattern button; removing your LockScreen password; or resetting the phone's factory settings.

The best solution depends on the type of phone you are using and your specific circumstances.

“A regular backup of your important data can help deal with this situation easily.”

Read more: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/locked-out-android-solutions/

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