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What Kind of Content Drives Better Search Engine Ranking?

Your content does matter when it comes to where you rank on search engines. Ranking is important because you want yours to be higher so you show up in more search results when people enter a term. This will help potential customers find you. It will get you more attention for your website. This can generate income so it is important. If people aren't visiting your site it could be because they aren't finding it even when they search.

Key Takeaways:

The million dollar question is, of course, what does the content that performs well in organic search look like. Well, there are several key criteria that it has to meet, among which is relevance.

Even before the first Google Panda update rolled in (back in 2011), it was obvious that quality is king. And when we say quality, we refer to the content that is relevant and valuable to a particular audience.

We are talking about the kind that generates buzz and gets shared across social media instead of increasing your bounce rates.

“Google’s ultimate goal is to uncover the user’s intent and you should try to do the same.”

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