Optimise Your Website for Voice Search

5 Ways to Optimise Your Website Content to Rank Higher on Voice Search

There are 5 ways that you can optimize your website content to rank a lot higher on voice search. By the year 2020, all searches on the internet are going to be done by voice. You should avoid optimizing your website because it may backfire on you. You should do it in moderation and you will end up getting the results that you want. Using structured data makeup is another really good way to optimize your non-profit site.

Key Takeaways:

Optimizing for voice search is important due to an increase in voice searches on devices.

Voice searches are often question-based; therefore, a website optimized around FAQs will be more relevant.

Voice searches often have the phrase “near me” in them – keywords that are local are very important.

“Organize your website to provide more context about your website.”

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