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How Deliberate Practice Can Help You Become a WordPress Expert

Making your site great takes practice. The problem is we often don't have all the time to make it all what you want but some best practices can make all the difference. Understand first what you want to learn and implement. This will give you the opportunity to make good changes and let you learn what you want for your own good. It will also give time to hit those 10000 hours you need to understand enough all the way.

Key Takeaways:

Be aware of your process so you can start seeing what options your page needs.

Understand your learning style. We all don't learn at the same pace or style, so figure that out.

Once done, use this to practice your skills. This may not make you an expert but you'll be more knowledgeable when done.

“I’ll outline a programme you can use to develop WordPress expertise, while keeping time to carry on earning a living as well as preparing yourself for the future”

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