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Why You May Want to Password Protect Your WordPress Site

Privacy is an important commodity in this day and age. Whether to protect yourself, your friends and family, your business and intellectual properties, or your students, it's almost essential to learn how to properly lock your content so you may control the flow of traffic and prevent problematic incidents. This step-by-step process covers everything from webpage visibility, password and root protection to plugin use, carefully guiding the reader in establishing a secure site.

Key Takeaways:

There are a number of reasons why an individual might decide to password protect their WordPress site.

You can use password protection to restrict access to different facets of your site.

A number of different WordPress plugins allow you to easily password-protect your WordPress site.

“For WordPress websites built for private company operations and communications, you may find it beneficial to make the entire site password protected or to block off certain areas based on individuals’ roles within the company.”

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