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How to Build a Brand That Works Across Generations

We’re living in the most age-diverse environment in human history, with five generations making up the fabric of society in relatively equal proportions for the first time ever. Technological advancements and shifts in behavior due to the pandemic have enabled people of all generations to be online more than ever before. Whether seeking to attract customers or recruit employees, the target audience for most businesses spans multiple generations. Therefore, it’s imperative that your brand quickly and effectively communicates who you are and why people should learn more about you, in a way that is easily accessible to any consumer.

Let’s be clear – this is not a one-size-fits-all approach, nor are you purposely targeting any particular generation. Rather, this is about finding the common thread between generations in order to set your brand up for success now and into the future. Effective branding means no longer stratifying people based on age, but rather acknowledging people as individuals, while still appreciating the shared history and social norms that accompany any given generation.

In order to maximize your relatability as a brand and appeal to a multigenerational audience, consider these 5 tips:
  1. Be authentic. How? With a focus on problem-solving. Chasing trends is often a misguided approach because it is reactive and creates inconsistency in your brand. Consumers can sense when you’re being disingenuous, and that erodes trust. Take the time to proactively and strategically focus on achieving good solutions to underlying design problems. Authenticity will be a natural consequence of this strategic process, allowing a deeper sense of connection with a wider audience.
  2. Keep it real. User-generated content (UGC)—whether that’s a social media update, a review, or anything else created by someone outside of the business—is much more appealing and authentic to consumers than content that’s created by the organization itself. UGC helps to create excitement within a brand and binds people together. Based on this, having a multigenerational “fan base” could speak volumes and amplify your reach. Consider engaging with your multigenerational audience in a way that they can inform the content themselves in order to create more connections and staying power.
  3. Storytelling. Telling stories evokes an emotional response. Telling stories is also a way to relate across generations. It creates content that is easy to consume and remember—which is important for brand awareness and growth.
  4. Focus on shared values. It should come as no surprise that a population that grew up together might have different values and interests based on their lived experience at the time. That said, there is overlap across generations as well. By emphasizing the ideals that generations might share in common, you’re able to engage with a broader audience.
  5. Be consistent. People want to know what your brand represents—and that’s hard to grasp if you’re wishy-washy. Clear values and unwavering convictions go a long way toward cultivating an authentic brand that people can trust. When people can hang their hat on what you stand for, that consistency will lead to growth over time.


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