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How To Improve Your Domain Authority

Domain authority is where your website appears in search engine results. There are seven things that influence how relevant your site is. Ask a few questions to understand these factors. Do people that visit your site trust it? Is your content useful and does it inform users at a level that suits them? Keep your site registered because this keeps its rating higher. Customer trust and transparency include customer reviews, both good and bad. Show honest responses to the bad ones. Without integrity, you fail in the long run. Build inbound links which means having other sites link to you. The more of these that occur naturally, the better.

Key Takeaways:

The authority that a website has will factor into its domain ranking.

Domain authority is really built through the trust of the user.

The reputation of a site will grow and it is important to focus on trust to build it.

“There are numerous signals that the search engines consider when ranking a website and as we know the search engines are constantly tweaking these algorithms and giving more or less weight to certain factors in order to improve search results and combat webspam.”

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