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How to Leverage Your Nonprofit Website for Thought Leadership Marketing

Thought leadership marketing is an essential part of the success of your business. It puts your business at the top of the class in your area of work in the eyes of the consumer. There are many ways to accomplish thought leadership marketing and have a successful website in today's economy. Some of the more important ones are staff biographies, blogs, resources and reports, press rooms, partner affiliates, social proof, and successful web building. It is very important to have a functional and usable website to align with this marketing. It should reflect your business and your leadership marketing in every way.

Key Takeaways:

Thought leadership marketing helps to make sure that your organization becomes an authority in the field.

A nonprofit thought leader is very active and engages and contributes to the community they are a part of.

There are at least seven types of content that can help to establish the authority of a thought leader.

“A list of logos can go a long way to visually communicate that your organization is reputable and vetted by third-parties.”

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