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How to Make Website Analytics Reports for Your Nonprofit [Template]

There are many different ways to build your analytics report. Here are some of the ways a lot of people do not think about. For example, having installed Google Analytics on your nonprofit's website you will have a plethora of information to build your report. Another option is to set up a Q&A on the website with target questions that will also help you build your report. It's obviously not an easy task but these will help you get on the right track.

Key Takeaways:

Know your audience, market goals you are trying to achieve, and the time period.

Encourage data-driven decisions and calls to action so you can back up your tactics with information.

Gather data and frequently update reports so your organization can synthesize and use the data.

“The structure and style of website analytics reports can really be anything you want, and it’s this lack of rules that can make you spin your wheels and throw in way too much data.”

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