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How to Use Instagram to Spread Your Nonprofit’s Mission

In today's global economy it seems we are more connected than ever. With the innovation of the internet and it's many apps and platforms, businesses are able to connect with customers in a way that was impossible before. Instagram has become an increasingly popular option to promote products and businesses. Many non-profits utilize Instagram to share their organization's needs through creative pictures meant to spark interest. Businesses can use filters to make their picture more eye-catching and exciting. Hashtags are also a great way to draw awareness to an organization's movement.

Key Takeaways:

Technology continues to bring new styles of tools and apps to optimize effectiveness alongside current efforts for aspiring non-profit Organizations.

The symbolic vision of what an Organization stands for is Crucial for reaching out visually and with links to show more, the possibilities are endless.

Volunteers are always attracted to a Cause with a very Enticing Motto that makes them feel like they belong and recognition for efforts helps as well.

“To achieve and maintain visual consistency across all your posts, you can choose from one of the app’s many native filters or use a photo editing app and apply the same effect to each new picture before you upload.”


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