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Online Fundraising Just $15/Month!

There is a way to go about doing online fundraising for only fifteen dollars a month. There is an interesting fact that fundraisers can learn and it is the fact that people who donate one time likely will not donate again. Many people do like to give to different organizations, but it is not likely that they will for a long time. People make donations because they want to give to something they feel is helping the world.

Key Takeaways:

For many that are trying to get involved with fundraising, it is difficult to reach all airways.

The cheaper the service for fundraising, the more money your company can make long term.

Understanding how to lower your expenses every month is incredibly important for people.

“While the Thank-Engage-Inspire method is just the tip of the iceberg for gaining and retaining donors. Use this process gracefully and with your day-to-day marketing activity and your donation revenue will increase significantly.”

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