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How to Make Your Nonprofit Fundraising Page Awesome

When setting up a fundraising page for your nonprofit organization these practical steps can be followed. The Organization Page appears first and is directly connected to your taxpayer identification number for your 501-C3. This page tells of your mission and explains your cause. It can include photos or videos and can also have a link for direct donations to your nonprofit. It is very important to keep all contact information on this page current. Your Fundraiser Page is connected or linked to your Organization Page and contains specific information about current activities and event going on in your organization. Beyond this, you can include specific information relating to teams and activities.

Key Takeaways:

An organization page is very important to your presence.

The fundraiser page is connected to your organization page and it is best used for specific campaigns.

Team pages are a great way to connect with other people with their own fundraiser pages.

“When thinking of your title, consider this: Every time your nonprofit shares this page on Facebook or Twitter, your fundraiser’s title will be one of the first pieces of information your friends and followers see.”

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