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Many companies are still sleeping on the power of YouTube marketing. 

Maybe they feel they lack the charisma or technical experience required to host a channel. Or possibly they simply overlook the platform altogether in favor of something new and shiny. You’ll receive marketing advice all day long about Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others. But these guides regularly omit or overlook YouTube marketing. 

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook YouTube for Marketing

It’s odd to us that so many are ignoring YouTube. Why do we say this? With 1.7 billion unique visitors every month, YouTube is pretty much impossible to ignore. 3 out of every 4 websites globally have a YouTube video embedded on one of their pages!

YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world. Previously, it was reported that YouTube was the second largest search engine in the world. Which is catchy but a bit misleading. YouTube is the 2nd largest website in the world and does offer search, but in reality, it is not a traditional search engine. It still DOES get more search traffic than bing, yahoo, or other traditional search engines. AND searches with the term “YouTube” are the second most popular search term for all Google searches!

If you want to reach your audience in America, chances are you’ll find them on YouTube. 62% of Americans report they visit the site daily, 92% weekly, and 98% monthly! So, if you have a regular presence on the channel, you’ll be in front of your target audience at some point or another. 

It’s also the preferred platform for GenZ and millennials. If you’re trying to reach a younger demographic, you should be marketing on YouTube. 

But it’s not just for younger audiences. Google is now implementing Video Thumbnails in search answers, similar to the info carousel/answer boxes they do with traditional search. This means that businesses with video content will frequently get highlighted over companies that don’t have a YouTube presence.  

Hopefully, we’ve helped you realize how important YouTube is for businesses. As speeds increase and younger audiences become stronger buyers, the trend toward video content will only continue to grow. 

So, now let’s get into how you can use YouTube to promote your small local business. 

YouTube Promotion Tips

Tip #1: Show, Teach, and Instruct Your Audience About Your Products

You might assume that your customers understand how to use your product or service correctly. But people often easily misunderstand the simplest things and are often too afraid to ask another person. Secretly watching a YouTube video on how to do something they “should” know how to do is one of the most popular uses of the platform. 

Alternatively, you can highlight creative uses and solutions your customers have discovered. Maybe you intended your product to be used this way, but a customer discovered that it can also be used to do this other thing. Viewers LOVE “hack” videos where people have found alternative hacks and fixes from common products. 

90% of customers say a product video helped convince them to purchase a product or service. Embrace the power of your audience in your video content and see your network grow. 

Tip #2: Share Customer Testimonials

Social proofs have long been one of the most powerful tools for convincing potential customers to try your product or service. But, customers expect that companies will print the most glowing reviews on their websites. So, posting quotes on your webpage loses a bit of its convincing power. 

On the other hand, Video Testimonials show the customers giving the review, giving the audience more of a chance to believe what they’re saying. Video testimonials are seen as more appealing and persuasive than written testimonials. 

Tip #3: Establish Yourself as an Authority

Gaining credibility in your industry is more important than ever these days. Customers look to the companies they are considering and weigh whether they trust and believe in the people behind the products as much as the products and services themselves. 

The great thing about this type of content is that it should come as second nature to most business owners. You got into your particular line of business because you were good at it, right? You simply need to share your enthusiasm for your products with your audience.  

You can give tours of your factory. Or you can talk about a specific solution and why you believe in it so much. Share from the heart, but make sure it has real value to your target audience. 

Plan out what you want to say and practice before filming. While it’s good to have testimonials that seem unrehearsed, you don't want the same from your authority videos. Customers want to see someone calm, confident, and articulate. 

If you don’t like being in front of the camera, you shouldn’t be afraid to delegate this part of the business to someone else. Yes, it’s good for people to trust the company's CEO, but if you’re not a super charismatic person, that’s OK too. Everyone will love a helpful, informative video from a regular worker in the company as well and could even trust it more. 

Ready to Get Started on YouTube?

The main thing we hope you take away from this article is how important YouTube is to your company’s online success. Yes, you need to pay attention to Google search result positions and social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

But don’t assume that your business won’t benefit from video content. If anything, the more niche your product or service is, the MORE you need video content out there to help customers understand it and your company better. 

If you have additional questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to us. We’re here to help all your digital marketing needs. Please schedule a call with us today.

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