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Rank Tracking is DEAD! 6 Big Keyword Tracking Myths That Need to Disappear

The challenges faced by content providers, web developers, SEO professionals and online businesses needs to be discussed. They negotiate with the changes created by Google in October 2017 for their popular search engine. To start we can assume that “Rank Tracking is dead” and provides real world workarounds to several new obstacles that have arisen because of those updates. Here “6 myths of keyword tracking” are addressed and some solutions are also provided. While these solutions are not easy, nor elegant, it is believed that there is a future for rank tracking.

Key Takeaways:

You can now only search locally. Google isn't letting you see if you have impact elsewhere.

Keep your search criteria complex so people can find you easily beyond a single keyword.

Look at your competition to get an idea of what works for them with searches.

“To answer the needs, many rank tracking tools have emerged on the market and lend a helping hand to professionals in their fight of monitoring their activity across the Internet.”

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