Social Media Audiences vs Email Audiences

Social Media Audiences Are Great, But Email Audiences Are Better

If given a choice between a social media audience or an email audience, go to the email audience. While email audience numbers may often be lower, email audience statistics indicate that an email audience is still the best way to go. Email audiences are easier to reach, have a higher engagement rate, a higher rate of clicking through to your content, and a higher conversion rate overall.

Key Takeaways:

Email is also superior to social media because you have more control, you don't have to pay money to advertise as you would have to with social media.

People are more likely to respond to a commercial message if received over email.

Social media remains an invaluable tool for building your brand and can help you find people to add to your email lists, so consider being even more effective and using both mediums to your advantage.


“Email’s primary advantage over social media is control. You can control when you mail to people, how you mail to people, and what you mail to people.”

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