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How to Start a Blogging Business

Becoming a blogger isn't too difficult but finding your voice and audience is often the issue. Start your blog off with something you are passionate about. It can be a pet project or something larger that you want to focus on. Make sure that there aren't 1000s of blogs like it or you could get lost. Next is to work on your own site to make sure that everything is correct and completely in your voice, whether it be a pre-made one or from HTML scratch.

Key Takeaways:

Start off by finding your specialty. It'll probably be something you're good at or have an interest in.

Create your own website. It can either be a standalone or use a premade site like twitter or facebook for people to follow.

See what money exists to help you get it off the ground, especially if there is some money needed to run it, like say a travel blog.

“Creating content about a topic you are obsessed with can be incredibly rewarding; both for your pride and, potentially, your pocket.”

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