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The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Page Templates

WordPress is one of the major go-to publishing platforms for small business web development these days, and one of the most powerful features lies in its diverse, flexible, and easy-to-use templates. With just a little bit of extra knowledge, you can take these basic templates to the next level, creating custom or targeted versions based off of the generic starters. These simple modifications will provide a strong platform from which you can quickly and repeatedly develop new and good-looking Web content.

Key Takeaways:

Start by making your own page template. WordPress is robust like this and gives you options.

Create those custom pages by working on what you want. Like different sized pages for each content.

Make sure there are plenty of calls in the code to the items you want displayed.

“To create this template file, you simply create a file in your theme called page.php. I often start with my index.php or singular.php file, make a duplicate which I call page.php, and then edit it to remove elements I don’t want.”

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