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What to Do When Your Website Goes Down

Make sure you call your website host as soon as possible if you notice that your website is down. Let all your customer or visitors to your website know it is down through social media. Another thing you must do is make sure it is actually down through a simple google search. Also checking your email is important if your website host gave you a scheduled maintenance on your website. One way to reduce downtime is to host your website in two different companies in case one goes down.

Key Takeaways:

There are various online sites and tools that can be used by anyone to check and confirm if a site is actually down.

Users of a site may be loading a cached version of it which isn't loading the new changes.

The site may have crashed from someone working on it by updating the plugins or making other adjustments.

“[When] the website goes down, get on the phone and start making calls … You'd better make sure you have a web hoster that has a good reputation for quality customer support.”

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