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Long Overdue Website Maintenance

There are many different steps when it comes to maintaining a website. First, there is checking for broken links or links that are not able to be clicked on or don't lead to the right place. Next, there is a database clean up that can be done a few different ways. One way to troubleshoot a site is with health checker plugin. You can also make a copy of your site using WP staging. Lastly, you can remove unnecessary plugins using WP sweep. These steps will lead to a clean, working website without unnecessary clutter.

Key Takeaways:

Out of about 1000 links, there are a hand full that are broken.

Database Cleanup performs a health check, WP staging, and WP sweep.

Reduce the number of clicks needed to find things on the site.

“The Health Checker plugin keeps your site up for your users while you deactivate everything for testing purposes. “

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