UX writing

Why UX writing is the key to better products

UX writing might be the key to better products. UX writers are valuable because they translate things from confusion into clarity. But, the question remains if these words are the key to better overall products. The main reason behind UX writing is to help people achieve their goals when they use a certain product. This is a lot different than other kinds of writing that are out there. Copywriting is the art of persuading people.

Key Takeaways:

UX writing are the words you see in the user interface of a product.

Useful tooltips and Button text are two ways in which UX writing helps people. This helps users achieve their goals.

UX writing is distinct from other kinds of writing that are out there.

“It’s important to read books, of course. But next time you’re using a product, keep your eyes open for how it speaks to you. It might inspire you”

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