WordPress 4.9.7 Security And Maintenance Release

WordPress 4.9.7 Security and Maintenance Release

This is an update about the release of a new version of WordPress. It is stated that all previous versions had a bug that allows nefarious users to delete files while not within the uploads directory. WordPress users have reported the bug and other similar issues. Various other bugs have also been fixed with the new 4.9.7 edition. The new edition can be easily downloaded.

Key Takeaways:

WordPress 4.9.7 is a security and maintenance release for all versions since WordPress 3.7.

17 Total issues have been fixed in WordPress 4.9.7 making this the best version.

WordPress 4.9.7 is now moving to WordPress 4.9.8.

“WordPress versions 4.9.6 and earlier are affected by a media issue that could potentially allow a user with certain capabilities to attempt to delete files outside the uploads directory.”

Read more: https://wordpress.org/news/2018/07/wordpress-4-9-7-security-and-maintenance-release/

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