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4 New Insights Into Google’s Algorithm

Some insight into how Google uses its algorithms shows that 15% of searches are inquiries Google has not encountered before. It used to be thought these were just long ways of asking questions that had been asked before, but they have now found that it is mostly related to current events, which naturally include new words and phrases. Google can and does penalize websites for legal reasons, though what those reasons were was not specified. Google is also constantly running experiments on its algorithms resulting in an average of seven changes every single day. Google has human evaluators of diverse backgrounds to check those algorithmic changes.

Key Takeaways:

One reason could be related to copyright. Another reason could be the right to privacy.

There may be other reasons related to laws specific to an individual country.

YouTube is an economic engine, democratizing the creation of video content. Video Content creators earning over six figures of income experienced 40 percent over last year.

“It has been generally assumed that this 15 % never before seen search queries were more or less new ways of searching for the same thing, long tail search queries. It turns out that those unique queries are more than just long tail search queries.”

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