WordPress business rules

Surviving the Early Stages of Building a WordPress Business

Creating WordPress sites can be an excellent small business, but before you start your WordPress business, you must consider all of the costs involved. Make sure to plan for times when business is busy and slow. As with any small business, it's important to keep accurate records of expenses and make sure to have a bank account for your WordPress business that is separate from your personal bank account. If you pay attention to these details your business could do very well.

Key Takeaways:

Always factor in taxes when estimating what your total compensation target will be.

Business costs should always be accounted for and you should estimate an additional 10% on top of what you come up with for any hidden costs that pop up.

For end of year tax purposes keep all your receipts and track expenses for financial records.

“My rule of thumb for client work is that if all potential clients accept my rates, then I’m charging too low. If I get knocked back by 10% to 20% of them for being too expensive, I’m probably pitching it about right.”

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