WPTavern: In WordPress 4.9.5, Users Will Be Two Clicks Away From Installing and Activating Gutenberg From the Dashboard

Do you like to use WordPress as a site for your creative writing and blogs? The new WordPress 4.9.5 will be available in April. The new plug-in called Gutenberg is described as having a multiple number of features that will be of interest to writers who use WordPress. It is believed that users will find the new Gutenberg from WordPress to be somewhat challenging. Writers are invited to check out the new Gutenberg by clicking on the Support Handbook.

Key Takeaways:

WordPress 4.9.5 will include a call-out prompt that that links to a button that allows for quick installation of Gutenberg.

A Try Gutenberg prompt was added in October of 2017 but was removed by the core team when it was discovered that it was not yet ready for large-scale testing.

If you do not want users to see the Gutenberg prompt, there’s a plugin available on GitHub that allows you to hide it.

“WordPress 4.9.5, scheduled for release in April, will feature a call-out prompt that has links to information about Gutenberg and a button to quickly install the plugin if user permissions allow.”

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