WordPress is a program for writing blogs, and clients of WordPress rely on reports that include information from Google Analytics, Adwords, CRM, SEO, and other elements. Writing these kinds of reports can be a challenge, as clients often are burdened with other work projects, and may not always take time to review reports. Thorough coverage and effective concise writing is a must when communicating with WordPress clients through reports. A crucial communication tool to utilize with clients is making a personal phone call, in order to review reports and identify problem areas.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make every communication valuable. Summarize key data points, and don't focus on presenting raw data.
  • Create custom reports that are tailored to each individual client, focusing on data that is critical for their business.
  • To maintain consistency in the branding and delivery of reports, aggregate and consolidate data from different sources.

“If you have built or are managing a WordPress site for your clients, then Google Analytics is essential.”

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