11 Web Design Issues That Hurt Nonprofit Website Conversions

Specific design issues can cause problems for a website. Making website text low-contrast turns off a visitor, hiding links, and not having a responsive website can be negative for conversions. Each of these is very important for the success of a developed website. The text alone can cause a reader to flee from your website just because it strains the eyes, is difficult to read, and more. Hiding your links is very important because you don't want a website that's all jumbled together with links. If the website is very unprofessional looking it will cause a reader to move on. Lastly, not having a responsive website. Readers want a website that meets their needs, not makes them work for them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hiding your links making it difficult for the user to find content.
  • Not using the homepage to show what the organization does and makes it confusing for the user.
  • Using poor quality images and not getting a photographer for clean quality content.

“You want potential supporters to explore your content, learn as much as they can about you, and ultimately convert.”

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