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5 Questions to Answer BEFORE You Develop a Social Media Strategy

If you are building a social media site for your business you must have a plan. We wouldn't simply start building something physically out of wood if we didn't know what we wanted to build so why would it be any different with our social media? You must first consider who you are, who your audience is, where you are, what you would like to accomplish and what are your KPIs and make sure to prioritize them.

Key Takeaways:

Who would start building something without knowing what they needed, why they were building it, and what the finished product would be?

Before you start working on your social media presence, it’s vital to answer a few fundamental questions.

If your brand was a person, would you want to hang out with them? It’s a vital question, because you’re asking people to do just that – to willingly interact on a social level with your brand.

“Take time to map your brand’s existing social media presence, including brand accounts and high-level executive accounts.”

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