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7 Factors to Consider Before Major Website Changes

There are 7 basic but necessary steps for a company to take for changing their website. Firstly check the site architecture, basically the way the company website is set up. Is it user-friendly, easy to navigate, or confusing? Find and fix any possible broken links the website may have. If the website has a broken link, the less likely a customer is going to come back to your site. When all changes have been made, a company should test its website to make absolutely sure that there are no more changes to be made and also that the newly updated website is much more customer friendly and easy to use and navigate.

Key Takeaways:

Maintain and update site architecture in order to receive good website rankings on Google.

Update any site errors such as broken links and 404 errors. Use software to crawl the site and detect any errors before putting the new site live.

Remove any thin or duplicate content. This will ensure Google correctly detects the website's main page.

“It’s important that any 301 redirects are done from pages whose content are a close match to each other.”

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