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Explore, Experience, Engage: 6 Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

A number of digital trends dominate the market in the modern day, but most primarily, multiple consumer-interaction-based ones have been on a consistent uptick as of recent and would do well to be utilized in marketing. Voice search, influencer-based marketing, interactive video, chatbots, data, and privacy-oriented avenues, and interestingly, purpose-driven branding to build even further engagement with the consumer are all incredibly successful tactics these days.

Key Takeaways:

A huge portion, roughly 80 percent, of internet traffic will be by video this year.

YouTube is showing no signs of slowing down as users watch hours upon hours of videos on that platform daily.

In the year 2020, it is predicted that half of all of the queries on Google will be done via the voice search option.

“Accelerating sophistication of AI and natural language processing has made voice interaction with smart devices an indispensable tool to find information.”

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