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7 Ways to Ensure Safety and Privacy for Nonprofit Donors

Nonprofit organizations have commonly spent little money on technology and security to protect their donors' information. Keeping overhead prices low can attract important donors to a nonprofit organization but the concern for security and privacy has risen recently. The majority of North American donors want nonprofits to protect their personal information and not share it with other organizations. To protect donors information, it should not be readily available to everyone working for the nonprofit and it should require a secure password system. Other options to secure donor information would be using SSL certificates and following General Data Protection Regulations.

Key Takeaways:

Not every single person in an organization needs access to very important info.

Password managers can stay on top of making sure passwords are up to date.

Nonprofits need to be sure that their site has some SSL certificates.

“Industry experts are pushing hard to convince donors that spending money on technology and security makes good business sense.”

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