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It's a series of nested pages off our main website, strung together with some smart but not particularly complicated code. It enables us to have a front cover and keep that bundled monthly issue feel while also retaining total SEO, facilitating easy social sharing, and enabling effortless embedding and interactivity, all without taking the reader out of their flow. Obviously, because it’s online, it’s automatically compatible across all devices and browsers. And because it runs off a simple WordPress back-end, it’s utterly easy to use and it appears to be working for our readers too.

Key Takeaways:

The editor of Phoenix, a print magazine, launched a digital counterpart with a bespoke app two years ago.

They quickly learned that apps are better for functional tasks and not too valuable in the print industry.

When the app failed, they launched a monthly magazine via web browser, and found success in the glorified website.

“While apps are great for functional services such as Uber or banks, they’re pretty useless when it comes to publishing.”

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