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Copyfish Browser Extension Hijacked to Spew Spam – Threatpost

Computers and technology no doubt make our lives easier as far as work and keeping in touch with people. But one huge drawback is our exposure to hackers. The latest victim of hackers is the Copyfish extension for Google Chrome. In what seems like a basic phishing scam one of the team members who designed the extension clicked on a link and plugged in his info allowing the bad guys access. Even the professionals fall for these scams. Read on to learn more.

Key Takeaways:

The Copyfish browser extension is a popular and free optical character recognition extension, available through Google Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers.

The Google Chrome version was hijacked by hackers, who used the extension to spew spam.

Other browser variants, like Firefox, were not impacted by the hijacking.

“In hindsight, A9t9 Software said there were small, but important tells, that should of tipped any developer off to something fishy going on.”

Read more: https://threatpost.com/copyfish-browser-extension-hijacked-to-spew-spam/127125/

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