Build a Marketing Dashboard in WordPress with Ultimate Branding

You can build a marketing dashboard in WordPress with something called Ultimate Branding. It does not matter what role you have when you log into WordPress you are going to see the same thing. The dashboard of your WordPress site is the chance for your agency to show their marketing strategy to people. Marketers and content creators can all observe it on your dashboard. Anyone with WordPress access will be able to tell what you are all about right away.

Key Takeaways:

If you log into WordPress, the first thing you see is the dashboard

Knowing how many pages, posts, and comments you have is great.

Content on this page mostly gets ignored when logged into a WordPress site

“The idea is simple: your WordPress dashboard can be your agency’s chance to showcase your overall marketing strategy so developers, marketers, content creators, and anyone else with WordPress access knows immediately upon logging in who you’re creating content for, where they might be hiding, who’s talking about stuff relevant to your business, and what earned media you’ve gotten as a result of your work.”

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