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Can Technology Transform the Nonprofit Sector?

Technology has been dominated by the private for-profit sector, but it has not been exercised by the nonprofit sector. Nonprofits have been left in the dark, technologically-wise, for too long. With their untapped resources and social backings, nonprofits can benefit from technological innovation. For example, digital collaborations have been used to spread a global message. Also, nonprofits can benefit from using the power of social media. When the nonprofit sector can conform to the technology of today, it will benefit in multiple regions. But technology will not just automatically come to the nonprofit sector, it must be introduced with greater funding and determination.

Key Takeaways:

Not many nonprofits use technology to the best of their abilities.

Connecting donors to recipients with technology impacts donations in a positive way.

Technology is difficult to institute in nonprofits because each one has different needs and budget constraints.

“Done effectively, technology adoption isn’t gadget chasing; it’s strategically selected digital tools that empower staff and stakeholders to deliver on the organization’s mission.”

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