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Ten Reasons Nonprofits Should Blog

All Nonprofits should blog about their business which helps them get exposure and find information about the company staying up to date with news feeds. It's different from social media because, with a blog, you own it and have your own list of subscribers. You will be ranked higher in the search engines and more likely to be found. Make it personal, tell your story, initiate personal relationships with your readers who will know to trust you and know you better.

Key Takeaways:

Regular updates of information in digestible portions helps to reach more readers.

It leads to free publicity as they are easily shareable on social platforms.

Regular blogging helps to establish yourself as a prominent figure in the field along with creating personal relationships with readers.

“If your content is inspiring or newsworthy, people will share it. When this happens, the press may see it. No need for you to write a press release!”

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