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Five biggest misconceptions about PageRank

There are five very big misconceptions about PageRank. PageRank is one of the metrics that began it all. It was in the first research paper and laid the entire foundation of the ranking system of Google. PageRank figures out the importance, credibility and also the weight of the entire web page. Good backlinks have a lot of importance to people. Google not currently using PageRank is one of the common misconceptions that are out there.

Key Takeaways:

PageRank is arguably no longer used in its original form but is still used- in enigmatic fashion- and carries a huge impact on page ranking.

The better you try to understand the metrics used by PageRank, the more likely you are able to use them to your advantage.

Webmasters should take into consideration a number of metrics- including ones newly created- and follow specific steps to help increase SEO.

“No company, no developer team, can actually claim to know precisely what PageRank says about any page.”

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