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Google Chrome Will Soon Begin Blocking Code-Injecting Apps

Apps which inject code can cause system problems and could also be a security risk. Google Chrome is going to start blocking them soon. This is a popular browser which many use now and it's good to see how the makers care about all those who trust their system. If you insist on using an app like this you may have to do so in another browser which doesn't block them.

Key Takeaways:

Chrome is easily impacted by third-party applications, but they are attempting to fix that by blocking the ability to inject code into Chrome.

Chrome's developers have a multistep plan that will limit an ultimately end in blocking code injections by 2019.

Other ways to create third-party Windows applications, such as through extensions of Chrome, will still be available.

“According to Google, most software that injects code into Chrome will be affected by these changes. Some exceptions include Microsoft-signed code, accessibility software, and IME software.”

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