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Business Shoutout: Grow My Relationship

One of the cool things about our team is their ability to think of great ideas and bring them to life in partnership with our clients. Since mid-July our team has been working with our clients to bring Grow My Relationship to life. 

Grow My Relationship is a service that matches couples in need of therapy with licensed therapists across the country, who also happen to be our clients. This unique service allows couples to find therapists in their area, or online via Google, Skype or Zoom. The process is easy. 

First, you head to

Then, you enter your state and zip code to find a certified therapist near you

Then, you’ll be brought to the results page where you’ll see your certified therapist options and can add in filters such as insurance options, reasons you’re seeking counseling, online session options, and the credentials of your potential therapist.

There are a lot of reasons why couples may seek therapy, but something we’ve learned during this process is that problems shouldn’t be the only thing bringing you into therapy. Some of the healthiest relationships are those who sought therapy before there were any problems. A proactive measure to better and grow their relationship. 

Different types of counseling to help you get an idea of what may be the right fit for you and your partner(s):

Relationship Coach: Through relationship coaching, a partnership builds not only between you and your partner but also your relationship coach. Your coach is often seen as a part of your relationship, providing you with the tools and skills you need to improve it. 

LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist): In this type of counseling, you will manage problems within your relationship to help it continue. 

Psychotherapist: Here is where you gain insight into your’s and your partner’s behaviors with the goal of improving your relationship, communication, as well as other trouble areas. 

Choosing the right type of counseling is just as important as finding the right expert. Ready to get started in your relationship journey? Find the perfect fit for you here

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