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How To Automate Client Onboarding with WordPress Contact Forms

There are many options to customize the most common form of blogging in the WordPress format. Forms can be made so that they are completely customized and have certain requirements such as a certain number of digits for phone numbers, ages or year of birth. WordPress forms are much more functional than PDF or Word files since they are much more adaptable to your site. You can also set the form to automatically coordinate with your e-mail software to add them to your list of contacts so that they receive a bulletin or other newsletter.

Key Takeaways:

Start your onboarding process for new clients with an intake questionnaire, to ensure you have all the data you need to correctly assess their needs.

WordPress questionnaire forms are easier to implement and use than PDF and Word Document options because they don't have to be formatted to fit the page.

Moreover, it's easy to add questions onto a WordPress form over time, as needs change and other data takes precedent.

“There’s a lot more to onboarding new clients than meets the eye. Sure, there are the major necessary evils, like invoicing, support and contracts, but have you ever thought about all the time you spend organizing emails, files, requests, logins, tasks and notes? The more clients and team members you add, the more confusing the whole thing gets.”

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