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How to Successfully Pull Off an Enterprise-Level Site Migration

There is a way to successfully pull off an enterprise level site migration. If you are undergoing a URL migration, then there are some things you will want to know. If it is not properly done, then there can be some very negative consequences that happen to your website. Developers as well as business owners a lot of times overlook the size of a site migration and end up messing everything up for themselves and damaging the process.

Key Takeaways:

Testing your changes is always important when applying anything new because you can see errors and create changes to them.

Changes to websites are important in order to keep up in the speed of technology.

The staging environment is crucial to website upgrades, it creates a place where testing can be done.

“Whenever you make any significant changes to a website, it’s always ideal to create a staging environment and test server to test your changes.”

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