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Increase the Persuasive Momentum of Your Conversion Funnels

You are leaving a lot to chance if you are not planning the persuasive momentum of your customer’s experience properly. Think of persuasive momentum as the progressive decision-making process that aligns your customers’ goals with your own business goals. Every website must address these user needs at every point in the process in order to be effective.

Key Takeaways:

Too often, we see marketers that are stuck on the sales/conversion funnel metaphor. Your customers’ journeys are their stories, NOT funnels.

Let’s get real – your customer isn’t truly in a funnel. There’s no gravity compelling them through your experience like there is in a real funnel. There is only the customer’s motivation and your understanding of that motivation to create persuasive momentum.

No matter if the action is micro or macro, there is a simple formula that will help you identify persuasive momentum or the lack thereof.

“The most successful companies start with the story from the customer’s perspective.”

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