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Mobile Is Not The Next Big Thing – It’s Already the Big Thing

Mobile internet has already cemented its place among consumers. Starting in 2013, mobile internet has officially outpaced fixed internet access points. Conversions from mobile users however have not kept pace. Still, the mobile media is an interesting and valuable way to reach potential customers. It's important to consider what benefits this interface can offer your brand.

Key Takeaways:

As more apps and mobile websites improve, we will see more companies leapfrogging forward by creating richer, easier, and more persuasive mobile experiences.

There is no bigger opportunity online than committing yourself to evolving your mobile customer experience into something that doesn’t feel like it is a desktop experience crammed onto a teeny weeny screen.

You must commit sufficient resources to creating superior mobile experience for the customers.

“Consumers will keep expecting more and more great experiences like those they get from mobile-optimized companies like Amazon.”

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