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Let’s Make Money: 4 Tactics for Agencies Looking to Succeed – Whiteboard Friday

There are four ways in which you can be a successful agency performing Search Engine Optimization. The first suggestion is to make money, you must regularly adjust your prices to match the perceived value of your service. Secondly, setting up a schedule of maintenance tasks to be performed at set intervals to improve the success of the SEO. These could happen as little as annually, such as updating keywords, or weekly, such as providing rankings to customers. Next, adding Tools regularly as they are developed allows the website to self-monitor and self-administer to needed tweaks or to generate more leads. Lastly, one must learn how to say, “No”. Don’t take on clients who want a month to month contract, as they are not really invested in how long an SEO campaign will take to see results. Also, say no to adding services you don’t typically provide. Clients often ask for help on services that really are not in your wheelhouse. While you don’t want to turn any client away, it’s okay to turn clients toward managing their own SEO with tools already available or making appropriate referrals to more appropriate service providers.

Key Takeaways:

Whether old or new customers, the perceived value indicates higher quality with expected higher prices and this is what keeps them coming back.

Place all customers on a schedule for analysis, annually (complete analysis), semi-annual (content analysis), monthly (crawls analysis), weekly (rankings), and quarterly (links analysis).

Tools give you powers beyond the human capability because opportunities show themselves, access the customer website to become familiar with the client, you can work faster, and you can offer bulk.

“By offering them that deal because of their loyalty, you engender more loyalty.”

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