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The Best Fundraising Tactics During Covid-19

Covid-19 has been something that all of us have had to navigate through and make adjustments to the way we were doing things as needed. We've had to come up with different ways to grocery shop, attend events, see family and friends, the list could go on. We've seen a huge shift to being in person to being online. None of the trends we've seen have excluded Nonprofits. We've seen a lot of Nonprofits who were heavily focused on getting together in person, having to shift all of their events online.

The big question remains: In this unprecedented time, how can we fundraise?

To say we're in unprecedented times is putting it mildly, but there is great news for Nonprofits. People still want to give, they still are looking to give, and they still are giving if they're able to. It's okay to fundraise now. It's even expected. We're going to break down some ways we've seen our clients successfully fundraising.

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