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Kickstart Your Company’s Blog Today

Creating a blog takes time, creativity, and effort.  It can be a hard task, but it pays off. We have eight simple steps to ensure your process takes little time but doesn't change the content's message.

Pick a topic.

Make sure the topic is not only interesting to you, but also to your audience. The more interest, the more engagement, and success will follow. In this step, you will also conduct research for your topic.

Choose a title.

Don't overthink the title. Keep it simple, but capitative.

Write the article.

For most people, our writers included, this is the hardest step! We suggest you write the “meat” of your article in one sitting and then take a break. Whether it's an hour or a day, clear eyes will help.

Make edits.

With clear eyes, come back and check for grammar and spelling first. These simple mistakes are way bigger of deterrents than you'd think. Once you make sure all spelling and grammar are correct, look to see if your writing style matches the tone of your blog, website, and all marketing materials. Consistency is key! Before you are done the editing phase, be sure to also check your title to make sure it fits your article.

Add links to your website's service pages.

See what we did there? We're showing how the content we're writing about is relevant to the services we're offering. This reinforced that you really are the experts.

Build/ Shorten your blog’s URL.

We recommend keeping your URL about one to two words, separated by a dash. The shorter your link, the easier it will be for databases to crawl.

Add tags.

We can't stress this enough. Tags are important. These are your keywords that help your SEO ranking. Take your title and add it as a tag. In addition to your title, you may find unique words in your article that you think would be helpful. Here are a couple of tags we’ve added for this article:

“Maintaining a Blog”

“Blog Writing”

Publish your article.

Once you have followed all the steps above, publish your article. Don’t forget to post your content to your social media pages.

Your content is amazing, don't forget that. Stay motivated, creative, and get writing!

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